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Re: [Design] Page stack back gesture


On Wed, 2013-06-12 at 10:11 +0100, Lou Greenwood wrote:
> I imagine that the page stack will be a very common view, having to 
> swipe up and then stretch and tap, just to go back, could become 
> fatiguing. Perhaps once I get my hands on a working set-up my concerns 
> will be unfounded.

Just an observation about the design, but it seems the design is to
avoid needing the back button most of the time. I don't find myself
using the back button very often because of this. For example, the
people lens expands the view when you select a contact, and has a button
to collapse it again. Another example, in the phone app the header is
used to switch between different pages (phone, contacts and messages).

The design seems to be avoiding using a back button on the most frequent
scenarios. I'd recommend trying out the phone first, and then see how
often you actually use the back button.

Also, I feel that the short swipe and tap to go back is easier and
faster than just about all the gesture suggestions so far.

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