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Re: Ubuntu Phone


While I can understand the frustration from people wanting to see
continued development on these, I welcome the decision to focus on
fewer devices. I hope this will lead to faster progress regarding
Ubuntu Phone, because it is still very far from being acceptable as a
daily driver on Mako/Nexus 4 (and I can only imagine how laggy it must
be on Maguro, with its lower spec hardware).

This is good news, if it means that we will soon have working
bluetooth, alarms and google synchronization to mention a few of
today's showstoppers on the phone. I still put my trust in Canonical
engineers and this fantastic community that great things will happen in
the coming weeks. I haven't done much programming in the past 20 years,
but I am willing to give my input to the teams as a daily test driver
for a while still.

Sometimes tough decisions have to be made, such as dropping support for
mentioned devices. I believe it will speed up the overall development
of Ubuntu Touch.

Keep up the good work!


Den den 13 januari 2014 19:24:42 skrev Jack Ramsay:
Why are we discontinuing support for the normal nexus 7, The Galaxy
Nexus, and The nexus 10?

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