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Re: Ubuntu Phone


14.01.2014, 14:21, "Tomas Ö" <tomoqv@xxxxxxxxx>:
> While I can understand the frustration from people wanting to see
> continued development on these, I welcome the decision to focus on
> fewer devices. I hope this will lead to faster progress regarding
> Ubuntu Phone, because it is still very far from being acceptable as a
> daily driver on Mako/Nexus 4 (and I can only imagine how laggy it must
> be on Maguro, with its lower spec hardware).
> This is good news, if it means that we will soon have working
> bluetooth, alarms and google synchronization to mention a few of
> today's showstoppers on the phone. I still put my trust in Canonical
> engineers and this fantastic community that great things will happen in
> the coming weeks. I haven't done much programming in the past 20 years,
> but I am willing to give my input to the teams as a daily test driver
> for a while still.
> Sometimes tough decisions have to be made, such as dropping support for
> mentioned devices. I believe it will speed up the overall development
> of Ubuntu Touch.
> Keep up the good work!
> Cheers,
> Tomas

Personally I am defender of manta. Not because i have one, because manta is a different form-factor. Developers want to develop only for one tablet - Nexus 7. But Nexus 7 is not true tablet. 7-inch can't compete with 10-inch display (10-inch is not better, it's different). So, there must be one 4-inch, one 7-inch and one 10-inch device. IMHO. 

And I can't understand one thing: it really so difficult to continue support of those devices? 

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