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Re: Landing team 16.01.14


wrt the strong suggestion to create 2 specific AP's....
understand Leo is working on the "install click app" one.
Cimi is now working on the "joining wifi network one"

bug is here for that https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity8/+bug/1271202

On Mon, Jan 20, 2014 at 5:05 AM, Didier Roche <didier.roche@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> Le 20/01/2014 06:02, Steve Langasek a écrit :
>  This is the result of the split of the qtubuntu-android package into
>> qtubuntu-android and qtubuntu-desktop packages.  Apparently libqubuntu.so
>> is
>> now only distributed in the latter.
>> If libqubuntu.so is still needed for SF, even on Mir-based devices,
>> perhaps
>> qtubuntu-desktop should be added to the seed.  Or perhaps now's the right
>> moment to get rid of SF once and for all?
>> Simultaneously, a regression was introduced by a change to
>> /etc/profile.d/qpa_plugin.sh in ubuntu-touch-session 0.88.  The changed
>> code
>> used the presence of a $MIR_SOCKET variable to determine which qpa plugin
>> to
>> use, but nothing sets this variable in an adb session.
>> ubuntu-touch-session 0.89 reverts to the previous behavior, which should
>> fix
>> things for adb on Mir-based systems (such as maguro).
> Even with Steve's fix and another from Ogra (it seems there is a race to
> setup an environment variables and so some AP tests are failing as the
> components are crashing under the wrong environment), we had to revert
> ubuntu-touch-session for nested Mir. We noticed on latest images multiples
> issues:
> - stacking issues:
> * start on a vanilla configuration, try to setup a wiki -> the WPA dialog
> is never shown (probably displayed under the shell)
> * no u1 account, click on "install" in the click scope, then, depending on
> config/boot:
> - either Unity8 is toping at 80% CPU and no refresh/phone locked (had to
> reboot)
> - either the u1 account dialog is showing up, but the keyboard is showing
> under the shell or under the app and the whole system is stuck
> - the env variable isn't set properly reliably, as told previously, this
> occurs:
> * (probably due to that): no way to install click apps if you already have
> an u1 account associated on your phone
> * some random crashes happening in multiple pieces (Unity8, HUD,
> mediascanner, unity-system-compositor…)
> We decided to revert the nested Mir mode for now. Investigation and a lot
> of manual testing in addition to the automatic one will be needed, as we
> are clearly lacking of safe bet here.
> I *strongly* suggests that we use that opportunity to create at least 2 AP
> tests for basic vanilla setup (and we accept the nested Mir only when at
> least those 2 are here):
> * connect to a wifi network and type a WPA (or WEP) key
> * try to install a click app with no u1 account associated, and then,
> associating one. Finally ensuring the selected click app is installed and
> launch it.
> Can anyone step up and help creating those AP test cases? ^
> Thanks,
> Didier
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