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Re: Landing team 16.01.14


On Mon, Jan 20, 2014 at 10:02:39AM +0100, f69m wrote:
> >If libqubuntu.so is still needed for SF, even on Mir-based devices, perhaps
> >qtubuntu-desktop should be added to the seed.  Or perhaps now's the right
> >moment to get rid of SF once and for all?

> For us porters it would be nice to have at least one image with SF
> working as an important step before even thinking of tackling mir.

I think SF is a crutch that at this point isn't actually helping porters
with bootstrapping of Ubuntu Touch.  Mir is better supported, and the
integration requirements for Mir vs. SF are largely the same -
so I don't see any reason that it makes sense for porters to bring up SF,
which has a lot more Android baggage to get in the way, instead of going
straight for Mir.

> Just got Ubuntu and Android booting and now the image is broken...
> :'(

Yes, the image was broken because we're trying to be too clever in
supporting both Mir and SF.  If we dropped SF support entirely, this
particular breakage wouldn't have happened.

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