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Landing team 27.03.14



Two images produced today with some blockers on the list. We continue landing as much as possible, knowing that today, we were low on free slots due to beta freeze. Once it this is lifted, we should back up to a normal landing speed.

- new gallery-app to fix the previous blocker on the list (gallery shows blank dates and photos)
- address-book-app fix for contact not shown anymore
- some performance tweaks in history-service to load less and more efficiently, data
- multiple packaging and platform fixes

-> tests results are similar than on previous images, with the same crashers, but 100% of AP tests passing. However, the upgrade on gallery was triggering a known bug (just not exposed before) where all videos are getting deleted on the device. As soon as it was noticed, we reverted address-book-app from the click store and triggered a new image build. The bug is at https://bugs.launchpad.net/gallery-app/+bug/1295344 and should land soon. We asked upstream to cover that case in their tests.

More crashes in Unity8 have been found manually by the dogfooders.

- the gallery-app revert
- process cpp soname bump with the involved rebuilds.

-> test are currently running.

* On the promotion blocker list, here is where we currently stands at:
** gallery shows blank dates and photos (Bill)
The fix was released in #263. However, due to the revert needed in gallery-app for #264, the bug is there again. Let's wait for the real bug fix to get in.

** Music/Calendar bug (Qt event look stopping when the device is suspend) (Saviq) Discussion is happening and work is ongoing while discussing with upstream. Was set as a blocker while whitelisted on the previous promotion blocker.

** Numerous new telephony-service-indicator crashes (Bill)
http://ci.ubuntu.com/smokeng/trusty/touch/mako/262:20140326:20140304/7386/dialer_app/ (and on other tests)
-> work is ongoing on those crashes.

* Issues to look at (not on promotion blocker as missing info):

** Unity8 crasher while navigating new scopes (expanding categories) (Kevin)
-> Seems upstream can't reproduce the crash. Seems however that more and more crashes can be triggered manually by dogfooders (like https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8/+bug/1298370). There is a reliable test case at least on that one even if the stacktrace is smashed. Unity8 is landing with a longer timeout to get better stacktraces in the future.

* Issues not impacting on the user experience or whitelisted by QA as not a promotion blocker

** Scopes scroll down till header goes seems to lock the scope in place (Saviq)
-> upstream is noting that the header will be completely rewritten and there is a manual workaround, so the user isn't stuck.
-> QA said it wasn't a blocker

** If I install an app it still shows in Available section (Pawel)
-> QA said it wasn't a blocker

** qtubuntu crash causing the dialer app to crash (only during tests) (Kevin)
-> seems to only impact on tests, when the application isn't started by upstart.

* Issues confirmed to be fixed or can't be reproduced:
** Contact apps are not shown after showing up (Bill).

** Crasher in mediaplayer-app when the video finishes followed by an unity8 crash
-> seems that one doesn't happen anymore

That's all for today, wait for more goodness once trusty beta freeze is over.

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