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It's been ages since I haven't been able to say it, but... we have a new promoted image! (#294) \o/

This image is now the best ubuntu Touch image we never had. It's been a tedious path to get there, so we hope you will enjoy it! People on the devel channel will be able to get the new scope design experience as per numerous other features and bug fixes since latest promoted image (#250). This, week-end, multiple images have been spinned. Some blocker fixes, some regressions went in and are now fixed.

* a new autopilot version dropping some python2 dependency
* multiple messagin app enhancement: fix copying a text message, go directly to the right messaging app context when launched from other apps, fix showing non-apha characters correctly in text message
* some code cleanup in unity-scope-click
* new terminal app release
* langpack refreshes
* new libc update (exposing a bug in the audio layer making pulse crashing)

* ubuntu-push client has been dropped temporary as per Friday's email (created some regressions)

* New android-side fix to avoid pulseaudio crashing (bug exposed in the libc update in #288)
* Multiple webapps fixes and enhancement:
- on part of the webapp container memory optimization (only load the libs for the respective framework an app uses and not both of them) to fix one webapps disappearing/crashing blocker - tweaking the default UA string and allowing overrides for all form factors, including desktop - implement content picking in the browser using the content hub, and a standard file dialog on desktop * Second half of the webapps fix that makes sure renderer processes are killed along the webapp container
* some cgmanager fixes in lxc
* new music app release

* a maliit (keyboard framework) rebuild to get new symbols

* some boot speed (redundant work dropped) improvements
* fix of location-service not starting
* other fixes inherited from the desktop (indicator-power showing up in ubiquity, lightdm apparmor profile change to let oxide running in a guest session)

* new libc update

* No change (automatically cronned image)

-> We confirmed that the pulseaudio/android bug (triggered by the new libc) is fixed. AP tests showed that the dialer-app flaky test is still shown on the dashboard. We tried to build on some theory about apport kicking (dialer-app still crashes during tests) and that was going to false the results of the next test run during the collect, but investigating showed it doesn't seem to be the cause. Clock app also had one flaky tests.

Dogfooding spot a bug which isn't a regression from latest promoted image, but seems to be serious enough (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8/+bug/1307489). It's an old bug, already on the previous promoted image. It seems it's a high one on the list to get it fixed before trusty release.

* Important bugs to track before trusty release:
** Music/Calendar bug (Qt event loop stopping when the device is suspend) (Kevin)
-> told it's ready in Mir devel, but Mir needs to be released now. QA told they were happy to whitelist that one as previous promoted image already got the issue (#250). However, on the list of things to get fixed ASAP.

** Greeter won't unlock when app raised by url dispatcher is already focused (Kevin) https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8/+bug/1307489, can be as well linked to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dialer-app/+bug/1267624 -> As told, that one was already on the latest promoted image. The main use case is clicking on a sms notification while having the screen locked, and you will get the keyboard shown, but still locked on the greeter.

* Issues not impacting on the user experience or whitelisted by QA as not a promotion blocker: ** qtubuntu crash causing the dialer app to crash (only during tests) (Bill)
-> Boiko has a branch for it which needs to be released once ready.

** Multiple crashes on images since the scope transition (Kevin)
-> The crash fix will be in next Mir landing

** Clock Flaky test (Julien)
-> would be nice for QA to have a look at it, seems upstream won't be able to fix it soon.

** New dialer-app flaky test (Julien, Bill)
-> The flaky test is back the same way (but relaunching on the dashboard with latest image proved it to be flaky: not present anymore).

* blockers confirmed to be fixed:
** When using multiple webapps they crash randomly, if there is only one app remaining, this one starts being replaced when new ones start (Jamie, David, Thomas)
-> Most of the workaround is in now and should be good enough for a normal user experience in this release.

Enjoy your new promoted image! This one will prove the long wait was worthed. ;)

PS: this promotion is dedicated to Martin's birthday.

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