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Cellular Fail


Today, I'm really irritated that I missed an event which was caused by
Ubuntu seemingly deciding that it was not going to do any cellular
activities for the whole day, and then just pretending that everything
was fine. Due to this I failed to receive calls and text messages, and
only this evening when I tried to send a text message, did I realise
that my phone had not been functioning all day.

So, in my house I have really bad signal, so it looked normal that the
network indicator showed the 0 bars icon, for a really weak signal. But,
when I tried to send a text message, it became apparent that I actually
had no connection, as it refused to let me send a text message or
attempt a phone call despite the indicator telling me I'm connected.

I then left the house and started walking down the road, where I know I
have adequate signal. Still the same 0 bars icon (now with no data,
having disconnected from WiFi), and refusing to let me do anything. I
restarted the phone twice during this walk with no change. Only when
turning the phone on a 3rd time, 10 minutes later, in an area I know has
really strong signal did it finally start to work again.

In the 16 months I've been using Ubuntu on my phone, I've never had a
failure this bad before.

So... Is there anything I can get post-problem that will help work out
what happened?

If it happens again, what do I need to run to get the information needed
to work out what happened?

With no real knowledge of the system, my first guess is that something
has failed to run the cellular stuff entirely, perhaps failing to
initialise the gsm modem?

If this kind of situation happens, what is the network indicator
supposed to do? From this experience, I expect that if this
initialisation fails, the network indicator just shows the 0 bars icon.
	If this is correct, I think we can say that this is the wrong
behaviour, the indicator is thus explicitly telling me I have a phone
connection, when in fact nothing is initialised. If the indicator had
shown an error icon, no icon, or even no signal, I would have noticed
the problem several hours earlier and not missed several attempts to
contact me.

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