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Landing team 17.06.14


Hi everyone!

Top news: image #85 promoted! There are some changes of interest in this
image, one of which is the new design of address-book-app, dialer-app
and messaging-app. This image also doesn't use the desktop translation
files anymore - this means there might potentially be some applications
that are be missing translations (like, for instance, the dialer-app).
We apologize for any possible inconveniences. We assure you that those,
if identified, will be fixed as soon as possible.

In the meantime we have landed a new autopilot and started preparing for
a release of Mir 0.3 - which might still happen later today. An image
build has been started just now in case we want to have a clean
'snapshot' before that lands into the archives.
As some of you already know, some of our today's landings were stalled
by the g++ 4.9 toolchain issues in the archive. These should be now
resolved so landers should be able to safely rebuild their packages.

>From other news: just a day after we have actually whitelisted the
filemanager autopilot issues blocker it seems Victor, one of the
upstream developers for this application, has uploaded a working fix! It
has been confirmed by our QA team and we're really happy to have gotten
rid of this smoketesting annoyance. It might be possible that the fix
can be applied to some of the other flaky tests we are seeing. The
problem was in the tests killing the OSK before starting testing, which
was resulting in the tests malfunctioning.
Thank you Victor!

I'm feeling very optimistic about a green image in the nearest future.

In the meantime, the list:

* What landed in our images:
- http://people.canonical.com/~lzemczak/landing-team/85.commitlog

* Smoke-testing results:

- http://ci.ubuntu.com/smokeng/utopic/touch/mako/85:20140617:20140530/8580/

* Some useful documentation:
(Still under development)

* Known issues:

** Wrong WWAN value in saved-states (Mathieu)
 -> We had notice that this problem is still around... not a promotion
blocker as it is with us already since some time. Mathieu is working on it.

* Issues not impacting user experience
(will become blockers if not fixed after a while):

** Address-book-app autopilot failures (Bill)
[Time counter: 7/7]
 -> Not yet announcing as blocker because the issues seem to be fixed
now with the last address-book-app upload - if it does not appear in the
nearest images we will remove it from this list

** Autopilot failures in webbrowser-app during smoketesting runs since
image #72 (Olivier)
[Time counter 6/7]
 -> Test failures non-reproducible locally so it seems to be an
autopilot problem. With each image a different test is failing...
Happened again, a different test failure. Correlation: wrong input in
input field?

** test_fake_home_fixture_must_copy_xauthority fails to create file on
mako (Leo, QA)
[Time counter 4/7]
 -> Fix commited, waiting for release in a silo. The silo still requires
some love regarding other things inside. Counting time on this one as
the silo is hanging for too long...

** Network indicator crash during dialer-app and messaging-app
smoketesting (Antti)
[Time counter 6/7]
 -> As updated by Antti, this is a troublesome crash - but being worked
on. Still no update here... sometimes we get even 3-4 crashes per-image.

** qmlscene crashed while running test_can_launch_multiple_applications
[Time counter 3/7]
 -> Bug incomplete, waiting for crash file to include more info

Best regards,

Łukasz 'sil2100' Zemczak

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