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Unity API status update



all about finishing the last features and polishing (scopes). Most
notably we identified the root cause for slow scope startup, we're now
about 500-600 msecs faster for an aggregator scope. Also, we fixed the
problem of local scopes not being able to provide a custom header image.
Those fixes are silo'ed so expected to land any time soon.

Providing location information with each query is expected to be done by
end of this week.

On payment side we completed the design review and are now fixing the
identified issues which will takes us another couple of days. Making the
payment service a trusted session is ongoing and we expect a first
testable version by end of this week. With that in place, we can verify
the entire purchase/installation process.

Scopes saw some smaller updates and fixes to be in line with design
specs. Most visible change is the introduction of departments for
installed apps.


Mostly bug fixes, notifications when running out of power is running
late according to previous estimates but is still expected this week.