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Unity API status update



about to finish and land the last features. Among those are providing
location data for scopes, information about connectivity status or
exposing a cache directory. We're aiming to land those API changes
(additions) plus another API break as early as possible next week.

Next week we'll also work on OA sign-in from scopes/dash as well as
adding functionality to directly invoke scopes which will help/enable

Payment UI has been polished and is way smoother than before. What's
still missing is dash as an app to make trusted session fully working
(this will fix some overlay problems and the final purchase verification
to start the app installation process). Also missing is one purchase
flow that enables quick purchase within a certain time frame after last
purchase (no additional authentication necessary then). Other than that,
things start looking good, acknowledging that some slowness in purchase
flow (launching pay UI and OA) will be addressed to large degree with
app startup performance improvements.


Low on power notifications have been build and tested, now waiting in
silo to get released (alpha freeze). Dual SIM support in network
indicator has been completed and is waiting for a silo.