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Unity API status update



Providing location data, scope settings, offline notification and scope
favoriting has entered the ci/landing process and we expect to have that
in by tomorrow at latest (some of the UI might only come next week
depending on how quickly we get reviews done).

Framework functionality to enable scope debugging is complete and
currently under review. Qt Creator integration to make debugging fully
working end to end will come in the following days.

Payment UI is almost fully functional and polished. We're still missing
the instant payment direct from within the preview but that is expected
this week or beginning of next. However, the entire flow is still
disabled by default until all parts are in place and we successfully
completed several rounds of testing.


Dual SIM support in indicator finally landed. Last feature missing is
the APN editor for settings and rotation indicator. Otherwise, it's bug
fixing and polishing (alarms, transfer indicator, ...).