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Pending issues with ubuntu touchtouch


>From r182 onwards(tentatively), the soundcloud scope is missing from the
ubuntu app store. Is it really gone or is it a problem with my phone? If it
is gone, are there any plans to bring it back to the store?
Also, bluetooth still dosent work.. Other android devices recognize my
phone as a computer and are not able to share files with my device. Also,
the facebook app seems to not work.. Everytime i open it, i'm redirected to
a link i previously opened.. The app itself shows a blank page. App opening
time is still 6-7 seconds.. I reckon it should not be more than 3 seconds
at the time of launch of the first ubuntu phones.
I'm hopeful that these small issues get fixed soon. The ubuntu touch
project completely rocks even with these issues.. Eagerly awaiting release
of the first ubuntu phones.