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Unity API status update



last outstanding feature is still the OA sign-in where we hit some more
difficulties. However, we should be good now and expect a silo with it
for tomorrow. Album art extraction from music files has landed and
should help us to limit the network traffic as well as speed up
displaying those. Otherwise, main focus was on bug fixes.

On scope development side of things we reworked the scopes template and
fix the scope-tool right now.

Payments coming along but testing revealed some issues we're currently
fixing, most notably to properly handle or rather enable 2FA.


Apart from implementing alarm snooze functionality, focus was on bug
fixing. We should have fixed now all network indicator crashes and a
handful more of datetime and power indicator issues. APN editor is
silo'ed but needs some UI/design issues solved/implemented before final
landing which will be beginning of next week.