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Unity API status update



we finally managed to land all missing features in utopic (merging to
RTM as we speak) with one exception, that is the OA sign-in that is
expected for later this week. Focus is now fully on bug fixing and
possible optimizations like album art extraction from music files.
Talking about media, we made the mediascanner a little bit more robust
or rather recoverable when crashing, gstreamer crashing that is.

No big news from payment side. We have verified the UI (and flow) to
work, but the experience is not perfect yet, mostly because of a qtmir
issue which is expected to be at least silo'ed today.


After a lot of debugging we identified the root cause getting bombarded
with property changed events that prevented us moving further with the
APN editor. Editor is now functional and will be silo'ed today or tomorrow.

Transfer indicator is now functional and got quite some bug fixes.
Expected to land later today. Rotation indicator will go through the FFE
process so unlikely to be there this week.

Otherwise, a lot of bug fixing especially for network indicator that got
the #1 crash fixed.