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Ubuntu Touch OTA-3 released


Hello everyone,

We have just released our new update, OTA-3, to the stable channel. This
is image #21 for krillin, #17 for mako and #16 for the emulator. It took
a few days longer than expected due to a few issues detected during
testing - but that's a normal thing if we're pushing on quality.

 * Bugs fixed by this release:
 * Commitlog (sadly not fully detailed due to CI Train issues):

The next release will have a more detailed changelog - but as mentioned
previously the current OTA has been prepared with bugfixes and stability
in mind. In this case the best way to get a good idea of what to expect
is browsing through the milestone list above, checking what issues have
been resolved.

We also mentioned that this update is the first one proceeding in a
phased process. This means that the update will span initially
throughout a period of 24 hours, with every 'step' making the update
appearing as available to more and more people until finally appearing
on all devices. This is a safety measure that gives us time to back-off
the update in the very unlikely case of some critical issue getting
reported - making sure not all devices suddenly go bad. Of course, we
made sure that nothing like that can happen but we prefer to be super safe.

This also means that even though the OTA-3 got now released, not
everyone will be able to update to it instantly. The subset of devices
is random based on the percentage value of each phase. But in the end,
in about 24 hours, it should be already available to everyone everywhere.


Best regards,

Łukasz 'sil2100' Zemczak
 Foundations Team