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Vivid ubuntu-touch landings during the final freeze


Hello everyone,

This e-mail is primarily targeted for CI Train landers working on Ubuntu
Touch-related projects.

As you know, the final freeze for 15.04 is in effect since yesterday. This
means no package is allowed to enter the vivid archive without Ubuntu
release team approval.  Since the phone product doesn't altogether follow
the release cadence of other Ubuntu flavors, additional infrastructure is
required so that landings can continue to happen for the phone without being
blocked on the vivid archive.

From now until the release of vivid and beyond, all vivid silo landings will
be released to a 'stable overlay' PPA instead [1].  The devel-proposed
images are configured to be built from vivid + the overlay PPA.

What does it mean for landers?

In theory - not much! In theory there are *no* changes in the CI Train
landing process. The Landing Team will make sure every vivid silo is
targeting the overlay PPA for you. Everything else stays the same,
there's no additional work needed. You prepare a silo, test it normally,
QA signs it off, LT gets it published and it ends up in the
devel-proposed image.

What does it mean for existing vivid silos?

Nothing. Testing can proceed normally and after QA signs off the silo
and it's ready to go into the archive, the Landing Team will re-target
it to the overlay PPA. It's only a configuration change so it can be
done right before publishing without any rebuilds. All new silos will be
re-targeted automatically.

What will happen once w opens?

The overlay PPA will be synced to w and the main bleeding-edge development
can continue there.  Publications to the stable channel will come from vivid
plus the overlay PPA - though the exact timing of this switch on the stable
channel will be decided later in discussion with the phone product team.

More technical details?

No one besides the LT needs to worry about it, but there's a new column in
the CI Train spreadsheet (column 'L') called 'Destination PPA'.  When
targeting the overlay PPA, you simply need to use the drop-down list and
select it for that column
(ci-train-ppa-service/ubuntu/stable-phone-overlay).  Empty column means land
to the archive.  But as mentioned above, the LT will take care of that for
you.  Please remember that since it's a PPA, there is no -proposed migration
so no britney-based checks are being run.

And that's it.  Hopefully you will find this transition smooth and free of

For the Landing Team,
Steve Langasek                   Give me a lever long enough and a Free OS
Debian Developer                   to set it on, and I can move the world.
Ubuntu Developer                                    http://www.debian.org/
slangasek@xxxxxxxxxx                                     vorlon@xxxxxxxxxx

[1] https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/stable-phone-overlay

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