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Re: Convergence, Browser and WebRTC



Am 17.06.2015 um 10:34 schrieb Marco A. Harrendorf:

> So many thanks goes to the authors!

I'm Benno-007 there. Maybe we are more XMir users in the next time.

> ############
> #!/bin/bash
> export DISPLAY=:1
> --desktop_file_hint=/home/phablet/.local/share/applications/$1.desktop &
> sleep 0.5
> fluxbox &
> $1 $2 &
> xvkbd -geometry 540x320+0+550 -compact 
> ###########

Nice modifications with the $1/ $2.

> Note: xvkbd without & is intended. In this way you can close / kill the
> session by closing xvkbd. 

It should only close the keyboard, isn't it so?

> Furthermore, up to now xvkbd is only show in
> portrait mode correctly.

fluxbox fixed that for me, too. But it's a little bit tricky. I start
the session in high mode and then rotate it to landscape before the
windows are loaded. Many buttons of xvkbd are black then but wenn I move
the window a little bit around and type something (with black buttons),
all it's fine.

> In Chromium the WebRTC functionality seems to work, so one could use
> this for a VOIP. However, the UI font size is so big that Chromium is
> not useable in the moment. 
> Does anybody has an idea, how one could change the UI font size?

Here had someone success with it:

> * If you need more space on your system partition and only need english
> and german language support, you can try to remove the following
> packages to get roughly 100 MB freed (Note: This is without warranty):

Thanks for this idea. I have made a symlink for the apt-cache and so on
to the SDcard.

> * The fluxbox UI shows the number of workspaces and the date, so that
> the program icons are quite small. I changed this by adjusting the
> following toolbar settings in ~/.fluxbox/init

But it's also usable for more then one maximized windows on different
workspaces. You can move them to the right or left and the workspace of
a programm will chance.

> * Change xkvbd to german or other keyboard layout
> Change the following line in /etc/X11/app-default/XVkbd
> #include "XVkbd-german"

Does this work for you? This costs me a lot of time and manpage reading
but the hints didn't work until I bond the common and german file
together. This worked perfectly.

Greetings, lgd

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