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Re: Convergence, Browser and WebRTC


On Thu, 2015-06-18 at 06:50 +0000, p wrote:
> >In the future it would be awesome, if one could use the native Ubuntu
> >Touch virtual keyboard and does not have to rely on xvkbd.
> My gutfeeling was that this should be doable. The native keyboard is Maliit, which is the same that's used in the Jolla and in the (dormant?/defunct?) kubuntu-active, and traces back to the linux-on-mobile granddaddies maemo/meego/harmattan. If I understand it right, then this keyboard isn't very closely tied into the inner core of mir/unity. So, I would assume that this keyboard should have no problem working together with X applications (or wayland) if we only turn the right knob...

 A hacky attempt might be to try running a second maliit-server instance
under XMir; unfortunately the ubuntu-keyboard plugin has a nasty bug
under X at the moment whereby key presses get duplicated, so it might
not be very usable until that's fixed.

 I haven't played with XMir much myself yet, so couldn't say for sure if
this is workable, I'd guess the real solution is to get XMir passing
input method events out to the main system, but I'm not sure what would
be involved in getting that implemented.