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System Apps Summary week of July 10th, 2015


status w/e July 10th

- completed Sprint 7 (3 week sprint)
-- 16/20 cards complete, 82/106 points
- landed many fixes for ota-5

Here are the highlights of what landed during the sprint time frame

[browser] bookmark folders
[browser] converged tab view (tabs across the top): in wily only, will land
in vivid soon
[browser/oxide] add support for basic auth: work complete, will get
released with oxide 1.9 next month
[system-settings] call forwarding new UI screens
[system-settings] WPA Enterprise support
[system-settings] Call waiting UI issue fixed
[telephony] fixed formatting with slovakian numbers and other
dialer/messaging-app bugs
[telephony] reviewed outstanding dialer, messaging and telephony MR's
[messaging-framework] presence API complete, login error handling,
send/recv file backend partially implemented
[all] updated app icons (gallery, camera, media-player)
[contacts] Bug 1421245- Fix contact search for non latin letters
[camera] fixed geo location not saved in photo
[camera] fixed issues with rotation
[gallery-app] thumbnails being generated too frequently
[content-hub] Add a ContentType to handle events, like ical downloads that
could be handled by the calendar-app
[osk/skeyer] Fix skeyer's dictionary caching

Work in progress, not yet complete:
[browser] history view large screen: good progress on two panel layout
[sync] google contact sync via buteo sync framework: in silo 34
[osk/skeyer] Create json layout definitions for all of our layouts: mainly
working, ap tests need to be updated still
[system-settings] update new libqofono from upstream

Next Sprint (Sprint 8) proposed stories:
[bug fixing] for ota-6
[browser] finish converged history view phase 1
[browser] add search functionality to history view
[messaging-framework] presence integrated in messaging-app
[messaging-framework] send/recv photos working from messaging-app
[messaging-framework] create group conversations
[messaging-framework] send messages to groups
[sync] finish buteo contact sync with google
[system-settings] complete APN editor rework (pending network-manager
[system-settings] make all views scrollable in landscape mode
[system-settings] fix SIM services bug
[system-settings] Pocket PC settings for Display and Mouse/touchpad
[system-settings] wifi signal strength missing
[system-settings] update new libqofono from upstream
[dialer] bug fix: dialer gets stuck on live call screen
[osk/skeyer] Add Android dictionary files to all layouts

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