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Re: General Slowness after OTA-6 update


It'd be good to debug this further, although it might be difficult.

I haven't noticed anything like described after OTA-6 upgrade two days
ago and I'm using apps / scopes on my Bq heavily.

Just from technical guesses side, might it be some app/service
crashing, apport running to collect crash data and freeze happens
during that?

You _might_ find something extra if you navigate to Settings ->
Security -> Statistics -> Earlier error reports (sorry, I'm not sure
about the English ones, I'm translating on-the-fly from my Bq) and
check the top most links. The interesting things are Date, Package
etc, plus of course the actual whole error report. It's is easier if
you manage to copy the id link to your desktop browser and do
copy-pasting error report URL:s from there.

Not everything is shown there though, if the error report can't be
submitted. Due to various factors, not all apport collected issues are
actually sent.


On Fri, Sep 4, 2015 at 12:16 PM, Davide Alberelli <dadexix86@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello list,
> bq 4.5, r25.
> I am experiencing some general slowness after the OTA-6 update.
> This is particularly visible with freezes when scrolling in apps and when
> changing between scopes (Apps -> Today <-> Near By <-> News) and when
> opening apps (this is _extremely_ slower than OTA-5).
> To reproduce the freeze in apps (webapps like Facebook (unofficial), or
> proper apps like browser, it's the same), scroll slowly down the page, then
> a bit faster up and then down again to go back where you where.
> To reproduce in scopes just move from one to the other and/or down.
> What happens, in order, is
> 1) freeze of the interface for some seconds (no scroll, no swipe from any
> direction)
> 2) wait, wait...
> 3) unfreeze and all what you have tried in 1) is done
> 4) if you are on a page in the browser it goes blank, if you are on
> everything else (scope, web-apps, ...) usually this results only in a big
> jump around with no other harm.
> It is really annoying seeing this huge regressions in user exeprience from
> one OTA to the other :S
> Any help investigating?
> Davide
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