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System Apps Summary w/e 2015-Sept-04


The System Apps team completed Sprint 9 (4 week sprint) on Friday, Sept 4th
and finished the planning for Sprint 10 (3 week sprint) this week. The team
committed to the following work for Sprint 10, (24 cards/145 points). Below
is the summary of planned work:

   - [browser] Support downloads within the application
   - [browser] #1477312 Should add a popup menu on the tab itself to open a
   new tab to the right of it (like chrome)
   - [browser] add search functionality to history view
   - [browser] visual refresh
   - [browser] thumbnails, store permanently
   - [browser] Add thumbnails to Top Sites view
   - [browser] Add Bookmarks to top level menu
   - [address-book] finish and land address book changes for converged
   - [messaging-app] converged layout
   - [messaging-app] scrolling performance in Messages view is slow
   - [messaging-app] slow to match contact name on messaging-app startup
   - [messaging-app] new send button touch area too small
   - [messaging-app] Message indicator shows not existing messages
   - [messaging-app] slow to load a thread
   - [sync] upgrade syncevo account to buteo account
   - [sync] integration with Transfer Indicator
   - [camera] camera converged layout
   - [camera] camera resolution bug
   - [content-hub] content-hub legacy app registration
   - [content-hub] Support for SDK 1.3
   - [system-settings] disable hotspot support when device doesn't support
   - [system-settings] typing in search field blocks in date/time settings
   - [gallery] land gallery fixes for svg and reload of pictures
   - [gallery] not properly displaying photos imported from content-hub

The following is a summary of the work completed over Sprint 9 (25 cards,
78 points). Additionally, the team fixed numerous bugs for the ota-6
release and participated in Convergence planning sprint in London.

   - [browser] suppress bottom edge on tablet
   - [browser] #1477309 right click menu looks disabled, change the styling
   - [browser] #1477308 adjusting volume (notify osd) causes fullscreen
   mode to exit when watching video
   - [browser] finish history view phase 1
   - [browser] new tab view large screen
   - [browser] #1477314 Bookmark Link action from popup menu should invoke
   bookmark folder UI or provide some sort of feedback that action succeeded
   - [browser/oxide] add support for context menus
   - [browser] #1477315 Popup menu displayed in wrong spot on desktop when
   invoked over links (not close to the link)
   - [telephony] wrong contact name is displayed for phone number
   - [telephony] change emergency calling logic
   - [telephony] Some received messages are not shown in detail
   - [system-settings] the SIM PIN page not fully displayed when rotate
   device to horizontal mode
   - [system-settings] Screen still dims when screen timeout is Never
   - [system-settings] Mouse/Touchpad Panel implementation for convergence
   - [system-settings] complete Hotspot support
   - [system-settings] hotspot UI rework
   - [system-settings] Prototype porting some panels to use the new
   - [system-settings] allow dynamic change of plugins’ name
   - [system-settings] Fix handling invalid u1 tokens
   - [system-settings] prototype Keyboard settings for convergence
   - [osk] Make OSK and maliit compatible with Qt 5.5
   - [osk] Enable the keyboard as an autopilot input backend
   - [gallery] multiple video thumbnails being requested when opening photo
   - [gallery] multiple invalid size requests for thumbnails
   - [sync] SPIKE - investigate multi-calendar support in sync-monitor

Please let me or any of the guys on the team know if you have any questions.