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Re: Notes broken


On 09/09/2015 07:21 AM, Pat McGowan wrote:
> The Unity Actions API was deprecated last Sept
> (see https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone/msg09721.html)
> Around ota5 the break came as we did a cleanup in the Action types we accept, so
> whereas we had accepted QObject, from now on we only accept UITK Actions
> But as of almost a year ago we expected no apps to be using the import.
OK, thanks for the information.

From the sounds of this explanation and the email thread you linked, it sounds
like back in Sept the api was deprecated, but not obsoleted, so Notes (and
whatever else might use it) continued to work. Presumably since the API was
deprecated back in Sept, the 15.04 framework had it removed. However OTA5 did
introduce an API change that broke Notes and potentially other apps using the
14.10 framework. I guess one could argue that since the API was deprecated in
September (ie, before 14.10 images were final), then it is ok to change it now.
However, this API was only deprecated for 14.10, not obsoleted, so I would
expect all deprecated APIs to be honored for as long as the framework is
supported. In other words, it seems wrong to deprecate an API and then later to
obsolete it within one framework lifetime.

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