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Re: General Slowness after OTA-6 update


Den 08. sep. 2015 16:33, skrev Jim Hodapp:

            The result could be worse.

            If for example Unity8/Mir crashes, then while apport does
            its business
            the shell isn't available (obviously, as it's just
            crashed) and
            doesn't restart until after apport is done. This likely
            results in the
            user seeing longer periods of "lock up" and will more
            likely reboot
            the device (the only remedial measure they can take)
            almost certainly
            resulting in an unusable crash dump, leading to us having
            no way to
            determine the reason for the initial crash.

    I think we should at the very least warn the user that the phone
    is uploading crash reports or generating core dumps, so that he at
    least knows we're slowing down the system on purpose.

I completely disagree. This is a technical detail that I believe should be hidden from the user. Your average user will have no clue what a crash report is. I would say that if we can't actually report a crash in the background without taking up all of the spare CPU cycles, then this process is broken. Perhaps apport just isn't suited for mobile yet and needs to be fixed so that it doesn't peg the CPU and to popey's feedback, doesn't block the shell from starting again until after apport has finished. That would be the ideal user interaction - crash reports just happen in the background and the user can't tell performance-wise that it's even occurring.

I agree with Jim.

If Ubuntu phones had not been sold mainly to a community of enthusiasts, I am certain that the current performance of the phone would cause users to discard it and generate an amount of negative reviews that I fear would permanently damage its reputation.

Even with a generally forgiving community of phone owners, I think it would be wise to fix this issue very fast.

Keep up the good work! :)


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