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Re: [idea] how to get popular apps from other mobile markets


Valid points.

Though, in general, I guess doing Kickstarter projects for cool apps
is not wrong as such. Anyone can do this as long as there are open
resources available for the implementation (which is certainly not the
case for Viber, for example; their server is out of our control, and
they are not interested in developing their Linux implementation
further; I've asked them several times).

For example, you could raise money to pay Tim Süberkrüb for developing
his Google Hangouts clone [1] faster. (Though I suspect it's still a
spare time project. But maybe someone else would be incentivized to
sit down full-time in the weekend for programming.) Or pay Tom Dryer
for developing missing features you may see in his hangups library,
which powers the Hangups app.

Alternatively, start a Kickstarter project for the killer app you want
and pay a developer or agency of your choice to implement it.
(Provided implementing it wouldn't be a infringement of any dimension,
copyright or so.) Choice are there. I think we as a users have to
drive it. It would make a favorable picture for Canonical if they'd
play a driving role in this process. (I'm guessing.)

[1] https://github.com/tim-sueberkrueb/ubuntu-hangups/
[2] https://github.com/tdryer/hangups


Go for it, anyone, start your Kickstarter campaign (a separate one for
each app I'd suggest), and let the world know here on the mailing


2015-12-11 16:32 GMT+01:00 Peter Spiers <vampireechidna@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
> I'm sure Canonical opens it's development SDK to any application developer
> to create an application for Ubuntu Touch. The reason why many will not yet
> produce an app for this platform is it's popularity, not necessarily their
> inability to produce one.
> The best option is to create a stable Mobile OS, open it to the market
> through mainstream distributions (Phone shops) and allow it to increase in
> popularity.
> Then the larger development county will be open to developing for it, Like
> Google, Uber
> Without the required need to pay for them to develop for the platform.
> More important and above anything else, keep it open source and free to
> develop applications on.
> Thanks
> On Friday, 11 December 2015, 14:34, Boris Rybalkin <ribalkin@xxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have just tested Ubuntu phone on my nexus 5 and I was impressed with the
> progress. But I feel like I have no hands comparing to Android as I miss
> many essential apps.
> So after switching back to Android simple idea came to my mind:
> I would pay for several apps to be ported to Ubuntu phone.
> So why would not it be possible to organise kick starter like campaigns to
> port essential apps right by their original creators, but this time people
> pay for them?
> I think Canonical could drive it as it has to be agreed with app authors
> beforehand that it is possible and help them with docs.
> Best option is of cause to have open source port, but even proprietary is
> fine comparing to no app.
> I would pay 10 pounds per app:
> Viber, uber, mail app, mail, firefox :)
> I understand it looks like inverted reality, but how would you bring people
> in otherwise.
> Thanks

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