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Re: [idea] how to get popular apps from other mobile markets


2015-12-11 18:16 GMT+01:00 Peter Bittner wrote:
> drive it. It would make a favorable picture for Canonical if they'd
> play a driving role in this process. (I'm guessing.)

Oops, I think I wanted to write: "It wouldn't make a favorable picture [...]"

I meant, it could cause Canonical look like begging for support (kind
of: because they run out of money), and that's what marketing probably
wouldn't want. So, really, in the light of Firefox OS *sigh* we users
should take care of our personal killer apps become reality.

Is there a list of "most wanted apps" for Ubuntu phone somewhere?
Maybe something where we can still vote on? -- That could then be a
starting point to kick off some crowdfunding campaigns.

Cheers, Peter

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