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Re: [idea] how to get popular apps from other mobile markets


Dear list,

Am 12/12/2015 um 01:08 PM schrieb Boris Rybalkin:
> It would be cool to have missing app priority list somewhere inside
> launchpad per user, so aggregated list would show the most wanted apps
> in the right order.

I've talked to Brian Douglass, the developer behind
https://uappexplorer.com/ , and he might add this voting functionality
to uAppExplorer. I have an old app/scope wishlist
that could be used to bootstrap the list.

While we're at it: How about one doesn't just vote for an app, but also
specifies how much one would be willing to pay for the app if it were in
the store, and how much one would be willing to donate for an initial
port of the app to Ubuntu? It could be very interesting for app
developers to know that money can be made.