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Re: ubuntu one


Not everyone wants to maintain their own server. The part of ownCloud
which is problematic as a general solution is the "own" part. Google,
Dropbox, iCloud, etc… do not provide compatibility with owncloud, so
while it theoretically allows some of us to have some level of sync, it
doesn't solve all the problems, and doesn't enable things for all.

Note of course, that Google contacts/calendar sync is already on the
phone, and has been for a very long time now, so if Google is an
acceptable place for storing those things, it can be used (with some
small caveats, as it seems only default contacts/calendar are synced,
so alternate/subscribed calendars on Google don't get seem to be

On Sat, 2016-04-02 at 07:43 -0700, Wayne Taylor wrote:
> this is a good point, Rodney.  I also dont' want gigs of crap going
> to my phone. I want just only contacts/calendar and select files and
> the ability to do a backup of said files.
> owncloud again solves all this doesn't it?
> I imagine from the lack of support in here for owncloud that the
> licensing of owncloud is not purely 'free'?  Otherwise, i can't
> figure out why there wouldn't be more focus on using the owncloud
> project to speed up stuff...  there has been tremendous development.
> but I'm just one man who thinks out loud...

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