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Re: ubuntu one


I don't think syncing is the answer. For example, I am using 400 GB of
space in my home directory on my workstation. That's more than 10 times
the total amount of space my phone has. It would obviously be
impossible to sync it.

What I want is not syncing. It is access and caching of certain more
important things, like contacts/calendar.  I don't need to copy all my
data to my phone, because I don't need it all the time.

I certainly don't want sync services killing battery and eating data
all the time trying to keep things synchronized, when it's not really

On Fri, 2016-04-01 at 23:34 +0100, Wayne Ward wrote:
> I just read a post before about the sync stuff
> I agree that the system should now have a cloud sync option without
> the
> messing about with rsync and messy owncloud etc
> why did they drop ubuntu one?
> it worked for one and people like me are prepared to pay for space...
> like other platforms you should be able to log in and sync 
> data
> music
> calendars
> contacts
> bookmarks
> tasks
> app data
> including back up if required..
> people get 2 gig free and of course they need more so pay a small fee
> for more space...
> if we cant have ubuntu one why not get a small team integrating sync
> options ie owncloud and google cloud services as it seems to me a lot
> of people are asking how to do this and its messy?... is it on the
> list
> of things to do or waiting for people to develop this? as i think you
> now have tablet / server / phone / computer desktop / laptop desktop
> and no sync between these - i think in todays way of mobile and
> computing this is part and parcel of every platform 
> thoughts please?
> Wayne Ward

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