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What’s new in webbrowser-app in OTA-10 ?


Hi all,

With the release of OTA-10 just around the corner, I figured I’d take
a few minutes to publish a list of the most significant changes in the
browser app since OTA-9 (Łukasz feel free to re-use for the release

 - Touch selection controller to allow selecting/copying/pasting of web content.

 - The browser is now a single-instance app on desktop: invoking it in
a terminal with a URL will raise the existing window and open a new
tab instead of launching another instance of the app.
 - When a mouse is connected, turn the bottom edge hint into a
clickable bottom edge bar.
 - Added keyboard navigation support to all views in phone layout.

 - Added video-specific actions to the contextual menu (save video,
and open video in new tab).
 - Removed the "Allow opening new tabs in background" setting.
 - React to low memory situations by unloading background tabs to
(hopefully) free up some memory. This removes the hardcoded upper
limit of 2 live webviews at any given time on devices.

And a heap of bug fixes.
Anyone interested in details, have a look at the bzr history for
lp:webbrowser-app, revisions 1328 to 1390.

Happy web browsing!


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