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Re: [Design] : Color changes in OTA 10


I have to add my +1 here too.
I have tried to like the blue loading bars and the blue sliders but it just feels to contrasting to all the other hot colours. I understand the rationale, that a new colour was needed. But maybe something warmer would work too?
Thank you for considering!


On 11-04-2016 22:47, Nikos Chatziioakimidis wrote:
I also feel the blue doesn't fit with ubuntu. Maybe I am used to orange after using ubuntu for years.

Still it feels like it doesn't blend well with the other colors especially orange and purple

On Δευτέρα, 11 Απριλίου 2016 11:42:16 Μ.Μ. EEST, Peter Bittner <peter.bittner@xxxxxxx> wrote:
After some days with OTA-10 I must admit I have a hard time accepting
light-blue is the new orange.

When the security bugfix release was installed today my phone rebooted
and there it was again, the good old Ubuntu splash screen in violet
shades and an orange progress bar, and later orange progress dots.
That was a relief. For a few moments.

Really, the light blue doesn't fit. It doesn't fit with the brown /
violet theme of Ubuntu in general. It's an awkward color, cold and
without life. Sorry to say, but pretty much the opposite of "Ubuntu,
humanity to others". (Some may not agree, but I feel it's worth
defending a Status Quo that was "working perfect".)

I really waited for quite some time before expressing an opinion about
the color. I thought I may get used to used to it or "give it a
chance", but I think it's also fair to say the "truth" (as in "true
feelings"). I don't want to hurt anyone, but a feedback should go to
you guys and ladies. Look at the color palette on [1]: The light-blue
is the one the strikes out as totally off-topic, followed (at some
remarkable distance already) by green and even solid-red. It's about
feeling harmony. No, that's not working out. That's not the beauty
that the press was always appraising about Ubuntu Touch (which I felt
almost exaggerated, but obviously it's a value worth conserving). This
color palette must be revised.

Sorry for the rough speech. Please go over it again, discuss it. Please!

Thank you for your understanding,

2016-04-07 12:25 GMT+02:00 Rae Shambrook <rae.shambrook@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

This is Rae from the design team. I understand the new palette may take some getting used to. But what we've tried to do is create a colour palette that works in a smarter way and is more robust. If you haven't seen it already,
here is a breakdown of how the new palette works:

As for your concerns about components being blue rather than orange, the reason why we have removed a lot of orange from the UI is that we now want it to be a focus state and blue is meant to be the selected/active state. Before we had orange doing both these functions and each colour should have it's own meaning. And we feel the blue works better for the selected/active state as it feels more intuitive as a colour representing activity, while orange could sometimes be confusing as what it's supposed to represent. So basically, we've tried to make all our colours semantic. While orange is still our brand colour, we want to use it in a more concise way, while other colours take on more meaning in the UI, and hopefully, this will make it a
lot more intuitive for the user.

On Thu, Apr 7, 2016 at 10:22 AM, war <war@xxxxxx> wrote:

today I received OTA 10.

I have just one complaint (well, suggestion):

The color of the progress bar and of certain elements (namely the
selection of telephone SIMs for outgoing calls).

I know this seems ridiculous to complain about. But for me, color is a
significant indicator and as I have gotten used to the orange the blue
is harder to read/recognize and it is a break in visual information

Maybe you want to reconsider changing the color scheme.

Other than that, I am pretty impressed (My Android phone broke on
Upgrade to V6).

Is there an official way to give feedback (there used to be a feeback
app which I cannot find anymore)?

Wolf Rogner

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