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Re: Libertine - user folders


On 16-04-27 11:24 PM, Mitchell Reese wrote:
> Hi - am loving using Libertine, and chroot filesystems - great concept! Couple questions:
> 1. How do I edit which folders are shown to libertine apps? I.e., both with the 'puritine' container, and my custom
> 'extra' container, I'm shown several folders in my home directory, but not all. I.e., Downloads is missing, as well as
> several custom folders. I'm aware I can bind-mount to folders inside the chroot, but there seems to be the default
> configuration somewhere that I'm missing.

There is no place to configure what gets mounted.  It's purposefully restricted for confinement reasons.

> 2. Gui for all Libertine apps is tiny!!! How do I edit the default libertine font sizes?

Most desktop apps were designed for last century's hardware and assume a display with 96 pixels per inch.  Today's 4k
displays and pocket computer screens run at about 300 pixels per inch or better.  That means when you open up a legacy
application from last century on your phone or tablet screen, it's going to be teeny tiny.  We're working on trying to
upscale automatically, but (a) upscaling will look less than satisfactory and won't be pixel-perfect and (2) there isn't
enough screen real estate to show everything when upscaled.

You'll find the legacy apps look OK on a large external monitor with a traditional legacy pixel density.

The only good solution to this problem is to bring the apps forward to 2016 and port them to run natively.  That's up to
the app developers.

> 3. Libreoffice can't open documents from the content hub. libreoffice come up as an option, but won't actually open
> anything. I currently can only open docs from withi. Libreoffice. Are there any workarounds for this?

This is, unfortunately, still on the backlog for tasks left to do.

Stephen M. Webb  <stephen.webb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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