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What’s new in webbrowser-app in OTA-11 ?


Hi all,

With the release of OTA-11 just around the corner, here is a list of
the most significant changes in the browser app since OTA-10:

 - Use of the UITK’s SwipeArea component for the bottom edge gesture
recognition (fixes a long standing issue with activating elements at
the bottom of a page)
 - Added UA overrides to make google hangouts work on all form factors
 - Dynamic Ubuntu version number in default user-agent string
 - Fine-tuned the memory-pressure handler that unloads background tabs
 - Proper handling of window-level keyboard shortcuts
 - Redesigned media permission request dialog
 - List items that open new pages in settings are visually identified
as such with a progression symbol

And a number of bug fixes.
Anyone interested in details, have a look at the bzr history for
lp:webbrowser-app, revisions 1391 to 1453.

Happy web browsing!


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