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Re: MX4 aethercast


On 01.06.2016 18:50, Krzysztof Tataradziński wrote:
> Hello,
> I just want to sum up what we know about wireless display support. For now, 
> theoretically we've two options to get it working on Meizu MX4:
> (1) Change Android BSP from 4.x to 5.x.
> (2) Backport MediaCodecSource class (and maybe some other bits) to actual 
> Android BSP 4.x.
> Am I right?

That is correct. I did that already for the Nexus 4 and pushed patches


That enables the basic bits for the media encoding side. On the Nexus 4
the more hard thing is the getting WiFi Direct support working as the
WiFi driver we have in the kernel seems to be quite busy.

However to highlight the important thing: The Android side source of the
MX4 is not available to the public and will not. Only people inside
Canonical have access to it. We don't have any plans to enable
aethercast on the MX4 and krillin by default. I've shared those patches
basically for community ports based on Android 4.x.

Also don't expect you're done with just importing those three patches
into your tree. Depending on how the encoder is structured and
performing there are more changes necessary involving debugging and
insight into the whole thing.

> Regarding (1) - Meizu released 5.x OS recently. I'm not a tech guy, but is it 
> not 'only' to grab what we need from that release and put it instead of actual one?
> Where is a problem with changing BSP to 5.x?

Changing to a newer BSP requires a two to three month effort for
multiple people involved. Not an easy thing and isn't really worth for
Ubuntu Touch as we don't gain any new features and will only risk
regressions etc. The BSP we have stabilized very much over time so there
is absolutely no reason to change to a newer version of Android for the MX4.


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