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Meizu Pro5 Carrier Issues


I have a Meizu MX4 and a Pro5. Both the MX4 and the Pro5 have the same APN
configuration. The MX4 behaves great with the limited spectrum available in
the US. The Pro5 is problematic. My SIM card works great in the MX4,
however, when I put the same SIM card into the Pro5, it is only able to
detect the carrier when "2G only" is selected. If I put the Pro5 in
2G/3G/4G mode or 2G/3G mode the carrier is unable to be detected, and I'm
told "No Network" at the phone Dialer screen. Phone calls can still be made
and received even though it says "No Network" and data can also be
downloaded over the "H" 3G connection with speeds up to 7Mbps.

The biggest problem is that when walking in major cities in the open air
with the Pro5, the cellular data connection will change to "Unavailable"
and "Denied." This completely disconnects me from phone and data. Toggling
Airplane mode and rebooting doesn't have a consistent affect. Again, these
issues do not exist on the MX4. These issues exist on both AT&T and
T-Mobile's networks. I've replicated the successes and failures with two
different SIM cards from two different carriers.

Right now, my Pro5 has become a paperweight, and the MX4 is my daily
driver. Any help would be appreciated.

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