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Re: system-image-cli


W dniu 30.11.2016 o 17:55, Mitchell Reese pisze:
> Didn't work for me. Seems not possible to roll back updates with the
> system-image-cli tool. As near as I can tell, this tool allows you to
> force an upgrade to a certain version that's greater than the current
> version.

Correct, but --build 0 is overriding the "current version", so 121 is
higher than that.

I've confirmed, though, that the --maximage option doesn't seem to work
well when it would be a full upgrade, because the upgrade path just has
one item, and that's the current latest revision, so no way to "cap"
that path.

Sounds like a bug, IMO.

Michał Sawicz <michal.sawicz@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Canonical Ltd.

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