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Re: Ackkk! The world is ending!!!


And Intel, and Nvidia ...

Which opens the way for Ubuntu on future phones running native, no Android stack at all.

Just imagine.

Seeing how the big guns are all running Ubuntu / OpenStack (she mentions Uber, Netflix, Instagram, Spotify and others, e.g Walmart runs their entire online website and store on Ubuntu, and she mentions a stack of other big corporates doing same or similar), it seems there's considerable momentum with Ubuntu and with that comes the realisation from the Qualcomms and the like to get on board (no pun intended).

As for having to guess ... no, just accept there's momentum and things will unfold in due course.

Let go your addiction to hourly updates in your news feeds, and chill.

Or attend the conferences were these things are out in the open -- here's a question for all those posting here: how many of those who attended the UbuCon conference are sitting around posting here complaining about how Ubuntu phone is dead?

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