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Re: Dekko does not append to IMAP Sent folder


> A colleague of me was able to find the scheme of the problem and I can
> ACK this on the phone in question (of my son):
> - start fresh Dekko
> - send some mails, none of this is stored into the Sent folder
> - do a reply on some mail in the INBOX, this mail now *is* stored in the
>   Sent folder
> - from now any other sent mail is stored too, until you restart Dekko.
> We all run OTA-15 on BQ 4.5. On my BQ I never have had this
> problem, only in the (new) BQ of my son.

I filed it in LP as: https://bugs.launchpad.net/dekko/+bug/1666222

Please attach to the issue if you are facing it too.

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