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Re: Not quite goodbye, but I'm leaving


On tirsdag den 21. februar 2017 17.10.16 CET, Matthias Apitz <guru@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
El día Tuesday, February 21, 2017 a las 03:47:51PM +0000, Paul Tait escribió:

phone has become very unreliable. Constant Unity/Scopes crashing as well as regular OS restarts have made the phone a nightmare to use.

NAK. Me and my family run three BQ E4.5 OTA-15 devices as the daily
phone, I since April 2015, my wife for moths and my son now too. All do
fine, apart of smaller issues (like Dekko not saving sent mail to IMAP
Sent folder, and the like).

I run my device in addition all days 18 hours as Wifi AP
to Internet for my FreeBSD netbook and have never problems with
this. Using web browser for listening audio life streams, reading mail
and sending with Dekko, Telegram, uNav with OpenStreetMap offline tiles ...
these are more or less my daily use case.
Overall a fine device!


I have a BQ E5 as my only phone for about a year and a half now. In that time I've had only very minor annoyances. Then about a month ago it starting acti g out a little (problems with keyboard, loss of signal). I wiped it and broughed it back to factory setting and now it's working even better than it did out of the box! It seems every phone has its own story.


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