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Re: Bugs in Ubuntu Touch OTA-15


I'm affraid You got me wrong. I meant the software, not the hardware. I can pay 1000€ for a device in which I can replace any part. I like the idea. But 500 is to much to pay for a device with software in alpha stadium.
The other thing is the attitude. I see You are a German. You have no idea how many people are mistreated every day in Germany so that You can buy Your food in REWE. But, hey, I see your email address: you buy only by Alnatura, right? Now is the problem, cause... You see i know some people who work in miserable conditions in Germany. They work to survive, to buy food and pay rent. Trust me, they don't care in which conditions an iPhone or Samsung is made. Because they are mistreated themselves. Go to the highway and look how many Maseratti and Porshe You will find there. Now go to the railway station and look how many thousand people travel by train and bus. Many more of them can't afford having a car, not even mentioning BMWs. Tell them all, they should buy fairphone, not Samsung or Apple, cause there are some poor people out there in China. They will laugh, trust me. What You wrote is a good topic to speak with a government, not with customers on the street who are mostly fooled by adverts. Yes, fooled by advertisement: a typical German person buy a brand new car and sell it after 3-6 years or after 150 000km, because it is old. Then this person sells that car and it goes for example to Poland. That car drives in Poland next 150-250 000km. Yes, that's right, Your car is able to do 400 000km. Go on the street and tell the people that they do something wrong.I'm affraid You can't change the world this way. Only government can do that if we for example ban selling phones like Apple which we are not able to repair for purpose.I believe in disruption. I believe it will destroy the silly way of thinking that we do today: selling LED lamps which should work forever (Scania), but have to be replaced after a few years to bring money (VW, Solaris, Mercedes). Unfortunatelly i see a good solutions at Ubuntu that goes the same way. Thats the part of a human psychy: we strive to change things, not to perfect them.

      From: "plastikfrei@xxxxxxxxxx" <plastikfrei@xxxxxxxxxx>
 To: gtriderxc@xxxxxxxxx; Ubuntu-phone <ubuntu-phone@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
 Sent: Tuesday, February 21, 2017 9:19 AM
 Subject: Re: [Ubuntu-phone] Bugs in Ubuntu Touch OTA-15
Hi Marcin, it is sad to hear, that you are not willing to accept the FAIR price of a smartphone. Please read the cost table of a fairphone (https://www.fairphone.com/wp-content/themes/fairphone/fairphone-cost-breakdown/), to understand, why we should pay a fair price for all people involving to produce such a device. thomas Gesendet: Samstag, 18. Februar 2017 um 18:51 Uhr
Von: "Marcin Xc" <gtriderxc@xxxxxxxxx>
An: Ubuntu-phone <ubuntu-phone@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Betreff: Re: [Ubuntu-phone] Bugs in Ubuntu Touch OTA-15There is one big problem with fairphone2. It is its price. As we can see on a fairphone site this phone is going to cost over 500$. At least the most active developers should be able to buy it cheaper. What I found sad while release of the first ubuntu phone was the availability. I translated at that moment 60-80% of the system blind and wasn't able to buy the phone to correct the bugs. If software development in a community will work the same way as translations, this phone will never be a serious device. 500$ for poor working device? No, thank you.
 From: mark <j.m.holmes@xxxxxx>
To: Matthias Apitz <guru@xxxxxxxxxxx>; Ubuntu Phone <ubuntu-phone@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Saturday, February 18, 2017 4:45 PM
Subject: Re: [Ubuntu-phone] Bugs in Ubuntu Touch OTA-15 I've been wondering: with Canonical pushing the Fairphone 2 in Barcelona, will it be upgradeable to be able to run Ubuntu Personal? I believe it needs a 64bit kernel? If so, I'll get one of those. m On 18/02/17 12:41, Matthias Apitz wrote:
On Friday, 17 February 2017 23:55:16 CET, Krzysztof T <ktatar156@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Dear Norbert,

I'm afraid that there will be no new updates (except security). All
resources are focused on Snap system. So all our phones are 'abandoned'...

This is known and even until certain point understandable.

What seems to be missing, at least in public, is a plan or milestones to get the new snap world into the hands of the user in form of some *phone device*.


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