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Re: Ubuntu at MWC in Barcelona


I am with Lukasz. I have been critical at times on certain topics but I
consider the current Ubuntu phone state very usable.

The battery issue hasn't occured for over a year. The silent call issue
maybe happened once or twice over the last year.
I -like all of us I assume- do have my own set of bugs that i wish had been
fixed a long time ago. But it is certainly not like androids are without

The GPS sat-nav app with uNav is always spot-on now and a delight to use.
Both phone and tablet connect to bt keyb & mouse which is quite usefull on
occasion, sometimes connecting a large screen to the M10.
Musicplayer, Telegram, Calendar, Browser etc do the job. Owncloud/NextCloud
support is a real blessing
But the most important thing is that I know pretty much what code is
running on my phone and what my apps are doing with my data. That gives me
the best feeling about this OS. And is not something I can get on any other
phone that is on par with the Ubuntu touch platform.

I am still using the Meizu Pro5, the M10 tablet on a daily basis. The phone
is my daily driver and although I am plagued by the odd unity crash (which
is not nice, but I still need to investigate myself) it certainly does not
feel like a frustrating experience.

Apart from these devices, I fire up a second hand Nexus5 with the UBports
image regularly. This, I have to say, is the best performing UT phone I
have used ever. (besides the Meizu Pro 5, I used to own a N4, a BQ e4.5 and
a Galaxy Nexus. so I feel I am in a position to make that call :) ).
In smoothness the Nexus5 outperforms the Meizu easily. A big, big hattip to
Marius for this.
The only reason I am not using it as a daily driver is the lack of dual
sim, which i can't do without.

I think I heard Marius state (some time ago) that once there is some kind
of snap beta for phones, he would be happy to try porting that. This I
guess means that besides the porting effort, would mean either rebuilding
for a 32 bit platform for one of the current UBport phones, or else
choosing a new 64 bit capable device and do a new port to that.

So my question to Marius and the other devs at UBports is: is this still
something you guys would want to do given a Canonical provided x64 beta
snap image on a phone?

And to Canonical: Would it be possible on -lets say- the Meizu Pro 5 to get
a snap image out there that the community (starting with the UBPorts guys)
could run with? (Possibly after the 17.04 release?)

I believe it could be really beneficial to both if we could build an active
alpha/beta testing community around an actual Ubuntu snap based phone.