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Re: Twitter notifications


On 23/02/2017 21:47, Paul Tait wrote:
> It isn't just you. The Twitter app hasn't worked properly (or been updated) 
> for over a year. It seems to have at least partially and accidentally 
> started working again after a recent browser update. But sadly that didn't 
> fix the notifications which are gone for good. 
> There is an alternative Twitter app, but that doesn't get notifications 
> either, but it does work better. 

Notifications should work (they work in my device); please report a bug


One thing that would be interesting to know, is whether the account
authorisation is still valid. Could you please follow these instructions
and include the information to your bug report:

   account-console list

Then find the number corresponding to your twitter account, and run:

   account-console login <number> --service \

The output of this command might help in understanding what's wrong.


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