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Re: Ubuntu phone onscreen keyboard bug


El día domingo, marzo 26, 2017 a las 07:35:11p. m. +0200, advocatux escribió:

> El 26/03/17 a las 10:55, Olivier Tilloy escribió:
> > [---snip--]
> > I’m also affected. It’s not just the numpad, it’s also the
> > alphabetical keyboard in all applications. I’ve gotten really good at
> > hitting the right keys without seeing them… Is that a known bug?
> >
> >
> >> The same behavior when I'm trying to unlock the terminal.
> >>
> >> Cheers
> Hi Olivier,
> After playing blind man's buff with my phone for a while too, I set the 
> lock security to slide, test it, and then back to put a 4 digits code again.
> So far so good, it's working fine now, but I don't know the root cause 
> of this annoying bug.

Does this mean that this switch repaired as well the OSK in other apps,
or is is still not working or was never broken for you.

Could you please all spend the time to describe:

- what is not working
- what is still working
- what is again working after some change
- all other visible side effects (like the flickering in some other

And, is someone in Canonical or in BQ.com still with us and looking in

Again, this does not sound as a software bug introduced with OTA-15
(which is already out for weeks now, Feb 8). There must be something
else what triggers this...


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