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Ubuntu+Unity+Unity8: [SUGGESTION] UI lock during upgrade



Bug Description

As a long-time Ubuntu fan and proponent, I have always thought this
wouldn't be an issue anymore, but it apparently is: The OS and GUI are
active and appear to be visibly "working" to most people during a major
system upgrade, and there are no major warnings presented to the user *not*
to use his or her PC while in this major upgrade process.

This, as I was getting to, is a problem that needs to be addressed and
therefore fixed.

Reason being:
When major system components and apps are being upgraded while the user is
still in full (UI) control of his or her PC, the user is prone to opening
the wrong programs at the wrong time, rebooting or shutting down the PC
unnecessarily, unintentionally breaking his or her system(s).
Furthermore, opening a wrong program at the wrong time or attempting to
change settings can cause issues during the upgrade, unwanted program
access and file access locks (either locks the user or locks the upgrader
package), all which can lead to dpkg errors, apt-get problems, aptitude
crashes, and (most importantly) broken systems.

I'm proposing the Ubuntu development team devise a way for
to put a lock on the "Ubuntu-Desktop" UI , desktop manager, and window
manager during the upgrade process to prevent the user from accidentally
causing an upgrade malfunction.

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