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Re: Freedom


El día jueves, abril 06, 2017 a las 12:54:49a. m. +0200, Ed Kapitein escribió:

> Hi Seth,
> I love your approach to this!
> If canonical would give us a kernel and drivers for the hardware, we 
> could take it from there.
> I would need a X driver ( not mir ), a driver for the sound hardware, a 
> driver for the modem ( serial + AT commands ? ) and drivers for the 
> other parts.
> ( wifi, usb, bluetooth etc )
> I'd love to start hacking once the hardware drivers are available.
> Do you think this is something that is achievable ?


There are no OpenSource drivers for the used hardware. That's why the
Ubuntu phone uses an Android kernel to access them.

Before coming to this device and community, I used another mobile, the
GTA-02 running a Linux. Maybe it's time to go back to this now and see
how far they get: http://www.tinkerphones.org/


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