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moving from nexus 4 to 5


I was happy to see on the web site that the Nexus 5 would be supported, though I'm sad to leave my nexus 4 behind (#nexus4life).

I've been successfully backing up my phone from time to time using tar and then adb to get that file to my computer.

I've also done the same with just my contacts.

Which has led me to think (perhaps quite erroneously, which would not be the first time) that I might be able to back up /home/phablet, config files, and other items FROM my nexus 4 and then restore them TO my nexus 5, rather than configuring it from scratch and the successful initial build.

Any thoughts on how to do this, in terms of what to back up in terms of directories/files, would be greatly appreciated.

If I'm completely off the mark, just let me know.



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