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No disk space issue


Nexus 5, everything was working great after I switched over to the official ubports image, and I figured out how to set the background image....

I tried to push some music onto the phone, and at a certain point I got the "less than 5% disk space" warning.

After that, things wouldn't work right: Apps wouldn't open, some disappeared completely.

I deleted the added music to free up space, but there are still issues.

My network icon at the top has been replaced with "indicator-network".

Updates work, but I can't manually do them: there is a message to "connect to the Internet to check for updates".

The phone and messaging works, but their button is missing from System Settings.

And the old problem I had a long time ago on the Nexus 4 of having to delete the database files for the music app is back if I want that to work.

QUESTION: (sorry) would it just be easier to back up and re-install? Or is there an easier fix? I've tried reformatting the cache, but this doesn't do much....

Thank you in advance!

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