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Re: No disk space issue


I have this same problem every time my phone turns off unexpectedly, which is often! When I turn it back on I get the same error message about disk space. Some apps refuse to open, no network indicators etc. I have the BQ Aquaris 4.5 so I don't know whether this will work the same for you, but this is what I do each time.

cd ~/.config

du -a | grep lock

Then I remove any locks for example:

rm .config/connectivity-service/config.ini.lock

I usually have several. After that I get my disk space back and indicators (sometimes I have to restart the phone).

Hope that helps.

On 01/06/17 19:39, Daniel Drennan ElAwar wrote:

I tried to push some music onto the phone, and at a certain point I got the "less than 5% disk space" warning.

After that, things wouldn't work right: Apps wouldn't open, some disappeared completely.

I deleted the added music to free up space, but there are still issues.

My network icon at the top has been replaced with "indicator-network".

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