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Re: Can't load Ubuntu - M10 FHD


We do most of our development on Ubuntu, so all our tools are best tested there, but the before mentioned UBports installer targets all platforms (GNU+Linux, macOS and Windows). It's an electron app (*dodges the rotten tomatoes*): https://github.com/ubports/ubports-installer/releases

Also, Magic device tool has a snap that should run on all platforms that support snaps, afaik: sudo snap install magic-device-tool --devmode

The Ubuntu Device Flash method will probably only work on Ubuntu and i'm not sure about the switch to UBports script...

Don't try flashing from a virtual machine, btw, they tend to loose connection to USB devices.

Good luck,


On 05.06.2017 21:06, advocatux wrote:
El 05/06/17 a las 18:58, NeoTheThird escribió:


there are various methods of flashing the devices. A failsafe but not very noob-friendly guide is on the UBports wiki: https://wiki.ubports.com/wiki/How-to-flash-existing-ubuntu-touch-devices-with-Ubports-images

Then there's Magic Device Tool, but that's not created by UBports, so we can't make sure it always works (even though it does most of the time): https://github.com/MariusQuabeck/magic-device-tool

We're also testing our own graphical installer, but it's still in Beta, so there might be hiccups: https://github.com/ubports/ubports-installer/

Hi NeoTheThird, first of all thank you for your work.

Once said that I want to know, is it mandatory to have an Ubuntu machine to install an Ubport image in a device?


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