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Re: Continued support for Ubuntu Touch: Join UBports today!


* Matthias Apitz, guru@xxxxxxxxxxx [11/11/17 10:56]:
> I was (or better, I am) an active member of this mailing-list here and
> you, Florian, know me as an active member of the UBports forum. It's a
> pity, that UBports does not use for technical communication a
> mailing-list (like this one). The forum is fine but tg is not a real
> alternative, esp. when it comes to exchange technical stuff, like log
> files etc.
> Why we do not high-jack this living list here for UBports?
> 	matthias

I agree that UBports needs a mailing list. The Telegram group is a
chat, and so it is impossible (at least for me) to keep track of
conversations, and less to look archives for solved issues or
important announcements. The forum is better in that sense, but in
most communities where I participate I use both a forum and a mailing
list, I think they have different audiences. 

Maybe now that UBports is growing and may have dedicated servers, we
can ask to create a mailing list, especially if there are volunteer
maintainers, I don't think we can ask the maintainers of the forum or
the Telegram groups to also maintain a mailing list. 

We can discuss it over at UBports. 

Walter Garcia-Fontes
L'Hospitalet de Llobregat

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